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Last moment to listen back at 2010

February 10th, 2011

It’s not bad looking back when it is about listening good music. 2010 was another great year for electronic music but we all hoping that 2011 gonna be even better.
Goodsoundonline wishes you by the way, a lot of hops on the best sounds for the Year of the Rabbit!

Here is a selection I came across  of Best of 2010 including podcasts, radio shows, mixes coming from Fact mixes, Mixcloud, mnml ssg, RBMA, Melodica, The Beat Oracle, Kmag and Joakim. Of course that not a complete retrospective, there’s a lot more out there.

I specially like that post on Resident Advisors‘s Forum about the Favourite non-RA Podcasts of 2010. You’ll find there the opinion of different people which make it interesting and a good way to discover new podcasts or listen to them again over and over.

On FACT magazine listen to 20 Best FACT mixes of 2010 (more…)