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March 25th, 2010

1. Oscillations Mix #4: Don’t Haet

Mix number four from the Oscillations mix series, brought to you by Jus’ Like Music Records and Apple Juice Break and presented by Jesse Futerman.

2. Beardyman: Live In Chelmsford

A round of live hip hop from one of the worlds most salubrious beatboxers: Beardyman takes centre-stage in Chelmsford.

3. Chris Coco: Melodica

Broadcasting every Monday right here on Mixcloud, prodigious host Chris Coco brings you an hour of the very best forward-thinking music landing on electronic scene.

4.  Oneman On Rinse

Pioneer of UK underground sounds, Oneman heads up his latest show on London’s top pirate station Rinse FM.

5. The Big Chill Promo Mix 2010

This years’ live music calendar wouldn’t be complete without the UK’s biggest niche festival; The Big Chill team warm up 2010.

6. DJ Marky’s Disco Flavas

The hugely popular crossover pilot DJ Marky introduces another boogie-laden disco showcase. Warning: may induce involuntary dancing.

7. Paul Pre On The Fast Life

German DJ Paul Pre mixes the best across the beat scene for Estonian tastemakers / radio station The Fast Life.

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